Amazing Features

Proprietary app

The easy to use app which contains info about available parking spaces all across the world.

Long lasting battery

Using the low power IoT communication platforms ,sensor’s battery will last up to 4 years.

Awesome Design

With its beautiful shape our sensor can be placed underground or on the surface without taking too much space.

Understand Usage in Real-Time
Increase Customer Satisfaction
Maximize Revenues
Optimize Future Investments

About Parxis

Offering easy-to-find and quick-to-access parking spaces in busy urban areas can be a headache for cities and private parking operators. Both need to gain visibility over outdoor parking rotation in real-time. Not only to prevent backlog and congestion and to provide drivers with guidance while they are looking for a free spot, but to optimize the work of parking wardens. In an ideal scenario cities and operators work with a reliable, robust system which empowers them to control traffic, parking and pricing more efficiently. From on-street to off-road parking management, Parxis products and solutions connect parking spaces to the Internet of Things (IoT) allowing authorities and private parking operators to obtain complete insight into usage and rotation patterns. By linking sensors, systems and people, cities and operators are one step closer to generating additional revenue through pricing based on real-time demand.

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